In our daily lives, we spend a lot of time wondering about what to eat, and it genuinely is a big question that fuels our entire day (not even kidding). Finding healthier alternatives to our junk fuelled diet is not easy or even remotely possible for us to think. One thought that strikes us is why to indulge in pathetic non-tasty healthy food when you could just eat some Maggi, right? What if I told you, that you could treat yourself to something delicious that is healthy, filling, and budget-friendly? You would probably think it is a lie, well it’s not our Vegan Energy/Protein bars, and trail mix fits all the categories perfectly.
Has Dates, Oats, Nuts, Jaggery, Gum Acacia, Healthy Seeds, Coconut, Honey. Isn’t That we Expect From a Nutritious Meal.

Working late? Got no energy to cook a snack? Enjoy the berry or chocolate flavour bars we offer and trust me when I say this, the hunger genuinely will fade away while leaving you feeling wholesome and energized. It has been proven that our eating habits shape our life, and our lifestyle shapes our eating habits. During these pandemic times, we all have our routine work from home desk jobs. There is barely any room for any kind of physical activity and cravings become a part of your daily routine. Our protein bars are a perfect concoction for aiding in weight loss, as a pre/post-workout, muscle gain, immunity booster, and the list can go on (but I am tired of writing already). The best part is our bars are vegan (WHAT!??), I know right? Let me tell you it has no added sugar (the silent killer) of any kind and has all-natural ingredients like jaggery. Come on, don’t tell me this isn’t tempting you to order one for yourself, don’t wait! Order yours now!

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