Organic Tasteful Butterfly Pea Tea – Helpful in Skin and Hair Health

Butterfly Pea Tea flower originates from India and is locally known as ‘shankhpushpi’ or ‘vishnukanta’ or ‘aparajita’. The Butterfly Pea Tea is famously known as magic tea because of its color changing properties; the tea changes its color from cobalt-blue to rich violet when we add a few drops of lemon to it! The anthocyanins compound present in the blue pea tea flowers are responsible for its changing color based on the Ph level. The butterfly pea tea taste has a strong earthy and woody flavor, similar to green tea. This tea can be served both
hot and cold but our favorite butterfly tea recipe is sipping it hot with honey and lemon.



Our butterfly pea tea is free from any artificial flavours or preservatives and is 100% organic. The flowers are air dried and packed after passing our quality check parameters. There are numerous butterfly pea tea benefits as it is rich in antioxidants and shows positive effects on the brain and nervous system. There are a lot of proven butterfly pea tea benefits for skin and scalp however, you must drink it for at least a month (30 days) to witness a change.

● Earthy and Woody Flavor: The flavor of butterfly pea tea is homey and comforting to your throat, mind and body.
● Uplifts Mood: The butterfly tea is rich in antioxidants and acts as a perfect key to unlock your happy hormones!
● Improves moisture retention: It helps in skin dryness problems and provides moisture to the skin and activates that inner glow!
● Boosts Hair Growth: The butterfly pea tea has elements that promote hair growth and reduce hair fall and dandruff.
● Makes 35-40 cups per 20 grams!

Caffeine-free Herbal brew

No Preservatives

100% Organic Product


Can we prefer Butterfly Pea Flower Blue Tea over Green Tea?
Many researches have proved that blue tea has more anti-oxidants than green tea.
Are there any pitfalls of consuming Blue Tea?
There aren’t any side effects of consuming blue tea, however over consumption is strictly prohibited.
Can we consume this tea every day?
A cup of butterfly blue tea daily can help to reduce fatigue and bring about calmness as it has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.
How does the butterfly pea flower tea tastes?
It tastes a bit like green tea and due to its subtle flavour, it is common to mix dried lemongrass to it. However, the sweetness can be balanced by adding lemon juice.
Is it safe to drink butterfly pea flower tea in pregnancy and at the time of breast feeding?
It is recommended for pregnant and breast feeding women NOT to consume this tea.
Can I lose my weight by regularly consuming Blue tea?
The catechins present in blue tea helps to burn belly fat and aids weight loss. Drinking butterfly pea flowers seeped in warm water helps to boost metabolism which burns more calories.
Is butterfly pea flower tea good for hair?
Yes, you may use it for stimulating hair growth.

Add water and butterfly pea flowers in a saucepan and simmer for 10 minutes. Once it cools down, add the tea in spray bottle and add rosemary oil or any other essential oil. Apply it on your hair. You may use it before or after washing your hair on dry or damp hair.

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  1. Shubhi

    I have tried this blue tea. It has some amazing benefits. I love it. I really enjoyed the butterfly pea latte. 😇

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