OTF Vegan Energy-Protein Bar-6g Protein-50gramsx6-fussy berry flavour

Open hungrily and leave full. Enjoy this protein bar every bite of which is healthy. This is a meal replacement bar with richness in taste. This flavorful and natural bar is the meal of the day. A satisfying pick me up nutritious bar with low fat and sugar content. If you don’t have much time to plan a big meal, this can be the best option.


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Apart from protein, this bar has a good amount of Energy, natural fiber, good carbs, and unsaturated fats which are actually very healthy for a body. Truly vegan bar- No use of any whey, soy, or any other dietary supplement to increase the protein content of the bar. All come with truly, whole and nutritious natural ingredients.

    • Ingredients-Cashews, almonds, dates, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, jaggery, coconut, gum acacia, and berries.
    • No preservative, no chemicals, and no hidden ingredients. All things added in this bar are natural and whole.
    • No added sugar, all sweetness comes from jaggery, honey and dates. Perfect snack to eat at any time.

No Added Sugar

No Preservative

No dietary supplement


If I am not going to gym and not even doing exercise. Is this Energy bar Ok for me ?

We make this energy bar for all, This bar is providing you immense energy and nutrition until your next meal. So you workout or not it is safe to consume.

In market many protein | Energy bars have high content of protein than your bar. What is the reason ?

We don’t believe in dietary supplements instead of dietary supplement we believe in Whole Foods and More Nutritional value which our handcrafted energy bar provides you with all-natural ingredients. So we made this bar with love and Of course Nuts, Seeds, Berries, Dates, Oats, honey, jaggery, coconut, and cocoa powder for a chubby chocolate flavor.

You write in description that you haven’t added any sugar what does it mean? Is this energy bar is not sweet?

It has sugar but all from natural ingredients like Dates, Jaggery and honey. We didn’t added any refined sugar or any artificial sweetener or chemical.

Is it ok to eat this energy bar as meal replacement?

No, the Energy bar|Protein bar is not meant for complete meal replacement whoever is saying that any energy bar is a complete meal replacement then it is not right. So don’t skip meals ☺

At what time we should eat this bar I mean when to consume it ?

Anytime, Yes Literally you can eat this bar anytime. If you have sweet tooth or you have craving for dessert and you are on a healthy diet you can eat this bar.

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  1. Preeti

    Tasty and healthy snacks…myst try

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