Organic Tasteful Nutberryeeds- Trail mixture- Healthy nuts, berries & seeds.

Nutberryeeds is a tasty twist to your boring, plain and flavorless food. It is a super delicious and healthy mixture of lightly roasted nuts, seeds, and antioxidant-rich berries! This is a perfect alternative to your midnight snack cravings. Munch these while you binge watch a show or top it on your yoghurt – it blends with all. This Fiber-rich mixture of nuts, berries and seeds keeps your gut healthy and digestive system on track. It is also a great Immunity booster and helps in fighting common cold symptoms. Grab a pack now and start your fitness journey without missing out on taste!



This mixture contain high amount of Omega 3&6 fatty acids and this improves all sorts of mental disorders including depression or bipolar disorder.

    • Vitamin-E rich ALMONDS
    • Anti-oxidants rich RED BERRY
    • Delicious blood pressure controller STRAWBERRY.


No Preservative



Is it better to consume raw nuts rather than roasted nuts?

Roasted nuts add crunch and bring nutty flavor. These have less water and a higher concentration of minerals. Nuts are a good source of fiber and antioxidants, so its consumptions results in a good glowing skin.

Is it good to avoid nuts if I am on dieting?

No, it is not recommended to avoid intake of nuts when you are dieting, rather it will help you to maintain a healthy body weight.

Are berries nutritionally beneficial?

Berries are the healthiest source of rich foods with around 50 calories per cup. It contains loads of antioxidants and prevents heart diseases, strokes and types of cancer. Berries are loaded with Vitamin C, E, and A.

Do dried berries go bad when stored for long?

No, when properly stored under normal room temperature dried berried can last for 6 to 12 months and beyond that.

Can seeds be consumed daily?

Yes, it can be consumed daily and contains high nutritious value. The high fiber content makes it easier to digest.

Can seeds be used to reduce belly fat?

Yes, when included in your weight loss diet, it can help to reduce belly fat. These are also best source of protein, fiber, and minerals.

3 reviews for Organic Tasteful Nutberryeeds- Trail mixture- Healthy nuts, berries & seeds.

  1. swaroopakansha9

    love it

  2. swaroopakansha9

    i love this combo i add them in my salads and love it

  3. khush.gupta30

    Delicious combo of all healthy seeds. Can be eaten with cornflakes also ☺️

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