OTF Spearmint PM-Sip Herbal Tea For PCOS-OD, Hormonal Imbalance and Excessive Facial Hairs

Our PM Sip Tea is a mixture of Shatavari, Spearmint, Chasteberry, Guduchi, Pippali and other herbs essential for female health and menstrual cycle. These herbs have shown healing effects on:

  • PMS and PCOS symptoms in various health researches.
  • It will be helpful to women suffering from irregular periods, period cramps and other period problems. The PM Sip Tea will be an ideal companion to your PCOS treatment plan.

Try our unique blend of strengthening herbs and fight those nasty period problems like a warrior.



The PM Sip tea is a great blend created by our tea specialists under the assistance of health experts after a lot of research and experiments. It reduces stress and soothes period cramps and pains. The herbal products must be tried for a period of 30 days or more regularly to get the desired results.

● Unique Blend: PM Sip Tea is a unique blend of healthy herbs that improve menstrual health and hormonal balance.

● Fresh and Flavorful Taste: Our pm sip tea has a refreshing subtle taste to uplift your mood during PMS.

● Manages weight: As excessive weight gain is a common PCOS symptom, this tea helps in managing weight and other period problems.

● Pain Relief: Herbs like spearmint present in our PM Sip Tea are helpful in period
cramps and period pains.

● Makes 50 cups per 50 grams!

Caffeine-free Herbal brew

No Preservatives

100% Organic Product


What are the benefits of PM Sip Tea?
PM Sip tea is a caffeine free herbal brew that is enriched with vitamins and minerals and essential herbs that are helpful for your menstrual cycle. It is also helpful in PCOS, PMS mood swings and other period problems.
What are some common PCOS symptoms?
PCOS symptoms may look like irregular periods, weight gain, oily and acne prone skin, ovarian cysts and more.
How to treat PMS mood swings?
PMS mood swings can be treated by practicing yoga and consuming a healthy diet. You can pair up our PM Sip tea with your regular diet for better results as it has essential herbs like shatavari to soothe PMS mood swings.
Is this product a perfect PCOS treatment plan?
PCOS is a serious health condition that should be treated under the consultation of doctors. You can pair our PM Sip Tea with the prescribed treatment plan for effective results.
What are some period cramp relief home remedies?
Boil Pm sip tea leaves for 5-6 mins, strain in a cup and add honey to soothe your period pains.

8 reviews for OTF Spearmint PM-Sip Herbal Tea For PCOS-OD, Hormonal Imbalance and Excessive Facial Hairs

  1. Chandani Pankaj Sharma

    So so so so goood product. I just love this tea, i have completed a course of 2 months of this tea and i can not tell you how happy i am with results. By the way you will start feel very energetic from the day 4 after consuming the tea. Also, Team Organic Tasteful is very helpful whatever i ask from them they reply.

  2. Akriti

    I can not believe that this product works so magically. I lost all hopes and taking some serious medications which is actually very harmful but the team makes me believe that atleast i have to try this tea. During first 15 days i see no improvement except higher energy levels and no anxiety like before but i make continue this tea and this works like charm. My periods are now regular😭. Thankyou so much

  3. Aafiya

    I have started this tea 20 days before and dealing with multiple menstrual issues like excessive pain, hormonal issues like having acne also facing PMS mood swings and depression. My best friend suggested this tea and i instantly purchase it. Now after 20 days i can see so so many effects in my body. This time my period came early and my body feels more energetic than before.
    I like the aroma it very soothing.

  4. Jaya

    Excellent tea for those who have issues with pcos/od. People advised me to take green tea but i have read in many articles that green tea is not good for pcos. My friend suggested this tea to me and i am taking this tea now for around 2 months and i must say this is a very good herbal tea. Taste is very good. After each cup i feel very relaxing. Worth to buy.

  5. Surabhi

    Nice aroma and taste. Me and my sister both are suffering from pcos symptoms and we both like the product. Just 2 cups a day. ✅

  6. Sanjana

    Good product

  7. Aditi Rastogi

    Pm-sip tea is really effective. At first, I have confused to buy this or not but i go with this tea after 28 days i must say that it starts helping in so many ways. All of that taste is on minty side and very earthy and subtle not that harsh.

    1- I love the soothing aroma on my mood swings.
    2- This Product is completely natural and caffeine-free which is a major plus point as in this price segment no one is offering Caffeine-free herbal tea.
    3- I feel more energetic and my periods are regularized.
    4- It relaxes my mind and body

  8. Shivani gupta

    Tea is so so good. It is really helpful in my irregular periods. I am consuming since 30 days as of now and i can say that it really helpful. Even it reduces my cramps. Nice product

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