OTF VATA DOSHA CALMING TEA- Helpful in Skin Dryness, Bloating, Anxiety, Asthma

Vata is responsible for all our bodily movements and metabolic processes. The unbalanced vata dosha results in flatulence, starvation etc. whereas excess vata dosha causes mental and digestive disorders. Therefore, it is extremely essential to keep our vata at equilibrium for the proper functioning of the body. Our ayurvedic Vata Dosha Calming tea has been created specially to bring the vata dosha to balance. The herbal tea is a mixture of natura herbs like ginger, cinnamon, Triphala, fennel etc that create a soothing effect to your mind and body. This tea is packed with age old ayurveda goodness and health.



Vata Dosha Calming Tea is responsible for all the activities in our body as follows:

  • Memory Functions
  • Breathing,¬†Starvation
  • Thirst,¬†Excretion

Caffeine-free Herbal brew

No Preservative

100% Organic Product


What are the benefits of Vata Dosha Calming Tea?

Vata Dosha tea is a caffeine free herbal brew with no preservatives with healing herbs like ginger, cinnamon, Triphala, fennel, Ashwagandha etc to soothe the vata dosha imbalance.

What types of foods should vata dosha dominant people consume?

In order to balance vata dosha, ayurveda suggests consuming hot soups and fluids. Our ayurvedic tea will be a perfect companion for your vata dosha.

How to identify vata imbalance in the body?

Vata imbalance symptoms include skin dryness, bloating, dehydration, restlessness and more. Sip our vata dosha calming tea to heal the vata dosha imbalance.

How to cure vata dosha?

The ayurveda suggests practicing yoga and consuming a healthy diet enriched with warm spices like ginger, turmeric, cinnamon to balance the dosha.

2 reviews for OTF VATA DOSHA CALMING TEA- Helpful in Skin Dryness, Bloating, Anxiety, Asthma

  1. Nayan Chauhan

    This tea is my favorite in winters. It nourishes my dry skin, chapped lips and other vata season problems

  2. Preeti

    I tried this tea and found it very helpful. Also it contains all natural ingredients so I like it.

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