Rose; a flower as old as time and yet everyone’s favourite! The flower has been blooming
around for 35 million years and we are still not over it. The flower is known for its refreshing
scent, vibrant colours and timeless beauty. However, the thing many people don’t know about
roses is their healing and medicinal properties. The rose flower is full of vitamin C and its daily
consumption can do wonders for your skin!
Wondering how you can use rose for glowing, soft and healthy skin? The answer is, you need
to heal your skin from within rather than layering it with synthetic products. Adding rose flowers
to your daily diet can be one such step for beautiful glowing skin. But we know you are too lazy
to find chemical and pesticide-free rose petals, drying and then using them. That is why we
designed OTF Rose Flower Tea; a caffeine-free herbal brew to take care of all your skin needs!
The rose flower tea will be a brilliant addition to your diet. It heals all the skin and face issues
from within. We know that sounds amazing! But we can see you thinking; how can a rose help
you get the skin of your dreams? Let’s learn together with the help of science, research and

● Antioxidant Storehouse
It wouldn’t be wrong to call rose an antioxidant storehouse. The flower is filled with various
antioxidants to strengthen your skin tissues. Rose tea is rich in anthocyanin antioxidants that
protect against UV skin damage. It is nature’s sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful
effects of the sun rays.
The flavonoids present in rose tea increases blood circulation and improve skin structure.
These antioxidants are a boon for skin as they are helpful in skin dryness, visible lines and
Phenolic acid obtained from rose petals eliminates the causes and effects of skin ageing. It
protects the collagen and aids in skin brightening naturally.

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● Heals and Hydrates
Rose tea is an unconscious skincare step that is suitable for all skin types. It is a perfect
alternative for those who find skincare a tiring job. Rose petals are mostly suitable to heal all
skin types. Nature doesn’t discriminate therefore OTF Rose flower tea is suitable for all normal,
oily and dry skins.
The rose tea can be helpful in healing your skin from past uses and exposure to harsh
chemicals. It hydrates your skin and aids in balancing your skin’s natural pH balance.
Regular usage of rose tea can be helpful in extreme skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis
due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

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● Vitamin Powerhouse
The rose petals are rich in vitamin A and C that are beneficial in keeping your skin plump and
tight. Vitamin A nourishes the skin and stimulates retinol production. Without vitamin A, your skin
can become excessively dry.
Vitamin C is responsible for the body’s natural collagen synthesis. It helps to heal damaged
skin and prevents it from sagging. Vitamin c can also help in reducing facial acne scars.
Therefore, one perfect Cup of OTF rose tea gives your skin the needed nutrition.
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● Soothing and Comforting
Our mild fragrant rose tea can be very soothing and comforting while experiencing skin irritation.
The inflammatory properties of rose aid in skin redness, itching or irritation.
Rose tea can be helpful in healing scratches or bruises. The tea is enriched in comforting
properties and nutrients that relax the irritated skin cells.
It can be a natural comforter in case of extreme allergic reactions along with the medications
due to its rich fatty acids and antioxidant components. Rose has antiseptic and antibacterial
properties that can help wounds heal faster.
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● Cleanses and Tones
Rose tea is a natural purifier that prevents the collection of oil, dirt and debris in the skin. It can be used
to purify the skin from within that outer cleanser application might have missed.
We highly recommend enjoying a cup of rose tea after a tiring day to get rid of the skin toxins
naturally. It allows your skin to relax and eliminates excess oil from the pores. Rose is also
beneficial in maintaining overall body complexion.
Regular rose tea consumption brightens the skin and reduces tan and black spots. It
reduces uneven complexion and provides uniformity.

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Other Rose Tea Benefits
The rose tea benefits are not limited only to glowing skin. The rose tea is beneficial for your
overall health. The rose flower is rich in vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron and potassium to
suit your physical and mental health. Here are some other rose tea benefits to help you
understand why rose flower tea is a great addition to your diet!

● Reduces Anxiety
The daily dose of rose tea aids in reducing anxiety and stress levels. Studies have shown
that rose petals have a soothing effect on our minds. It can act as a perfect mind relaxant tool
during stressful days.

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● Aids in Digestion
The rose tea aids in digestion due to its mild laxative effect. The tea has been proven to
increase our liver’s bile production. The rose tea helps in constipation, fastens the digestion process
and improves nutrient absorption.

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● Soothes Period Cramps
Regular rose tea consumption has shown a significant reduction in period cramps, bloating and
mood swings in various researches. Its anti-inflammatory properties help in problems like dysmenorrhea or menstrual pain.

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● Comforts in Cough, Cold and Congestion
Rose tea is highly riched in Vitamin C that improves the body’s immunity. This tea boosts our
ability to fight off diseases. Vitamin C is also helpful in common flu symptoms like cough, cold and congestion.

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How to Make Rose Tea?
Now that we have spoken so much about rose tea benefits for glowing skin, we know you are
tempted to try it. Rose tea is served both hot or iced and tastes equally refreshing in all
temperatures! Here we have enlisted some delicious and easy to make rose tea recipes for you.
Try now to say bye to all the skin issues and welcome naturally glowing healthy and happy

● Fresh Rose Tea
This is the simplest rose tea recipe to have after a long day! This two-ingredient recipe is a must
try for everyone desiring glowing skin. This fresh rose flower tea recipe is a perfect bedtime tea
to relax your mind and body!
● OTF Rose Tea
● Water
Preparation Time: 4-6 minutes
Rose Tea Latte recipe:
● Step-1: Boil water in a pot.
● Step-2: Once water is boiling add the OTF rose tea.
● Step-3: Boil the rose flower tea for 4-5 minutes with a closed lid.
● Step-4: Strain in a cup and enjoy!

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● Rose Tea Latte
Rose tea latte is a refreshing recipe that caters not only to the skin but to your taste buds as well!
Rose latte is an infusion of milk to soft rose petals that gives a bright pink colour when brewed.
The rose milk tea can be an ideal alternative to your regular caffeine-filled tea.
● OTF Rose Tea
● Water
● Milk
Preparation Time: 5-8 minutes
Rose Tea Latte recipe:
● Step-1: Boil water in a pot.
● Step-2: Once water is boiling add the OTF rose tea.
● Step-3: Boil the rose flower tea for 2-3 minutes with a closed lid.
● Step-4: Once rose petals are boiled, add milk and brew for 4-5 minutes.
● Step-5: Strain in a cup, add honey and enjoy!

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● Rose Iced Tea
The rose iced tea will be a perfect companion during the summers. The cooling and comforting
taste will take away all your tiredness from the day! This rose tea recipe can also be a perfect
welcome drink for the guests.
● OTF Rose Tea
● Water
● Lemon Drops
● Honey
Preparation Time: 10-12 minutes
Rose Tea Latte recipe:
● Step-1: Heat water on a medium flame in a pot.
● Step-2: Once the water is boiled add the OTF rose tea.
● Step-3: Boil the rose flower tea for 2-3 minutes with a closed lid.
● Step-4: Strain the tea in a jar and let it cool down.
● Step-5: Once cooled, add lemon and ice!

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Why choose OTF Rose Tea?
The Organic Tasteful (OTF) rose tea is sourced from 100% organically and ethically grown rose
flowers. These flowers are grown without any use of harsh chemicals and pesticides. The rose
flowers are sourced from local farms giving our farmers growth opportunities and smiles. All the
petals are picked, dried and packed after passing strict quality checks done by our health
The OTF rose tea is free from any preservatives and artificial flavours. The rose tea is a caffeine-free herbal brew that has tons of skin benefits. The tea is packed with the refreshing goodness
of nature to give you the care you deserve! Regular rose tea intake with a balanced diet can
help you achieve your #skingoals! This tea is a one-stop solution for photo-perfect and
naturally glowing skin. All you need to do is be close to nature and let nature do the magic!

Written by,

Abhilasha Chauhan



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