Admit it, you have seen it all over Instagram and you want it too! We are talking about the famous Butterfly Pea Flower tea whose bright blue colour attracts everyone towards it. The butterfly pea flowers are used to make herbal teas, lattes, lemonades, and colour-changing cocktails. But what exactly is Butterfly Pea Flower tea, why is it blue in colour and why does it change colour when added lemon? Let’s know all about the famous blue tea through this article! So brew a warm cup of your favourite OTF herbal tea and start reading!

Introduction to Butterfly Pea Flowers

Clitoria ternatea is the scientific name for butterfly pea flowers. You will be surprised to know that the exotic-looking butterfly pea flowers originate from India! The Asian pigeonwings are commonly known as ‘aparajita’ or ‘vishnukanta’ and you must have seen them blooming in your gardens! The flowers are used in various puja rituals and pious ceremonies. The flowers bloom in a deep vivid blue with light yellow markings. The blue colour comes from an antioxidant compound called anthocyanins.

The blue pea flowers have been used traditionally to dye natural fibres. Apart from being used as a natural fabric dye, the flowers have been used significantly in Ayurvedic medicine because of their relaxing, sedating and memory-boosting properties. It is also believed that the plant is helpful in increasing female libido due to its similar appearance to the female reproductive organ. The butterfly pea flowers have been used vividly in Malaysian, Burmese and Thai cuisines. Recently, the flowers have been used vividly by food artists to make colour changing drinks. Its colour changing property is one of the main factors contributing to the flower’s hype.

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The butterfly pea tea changes colour due to the anthocyanin compound that acts as a base indicator. The base indicator changes colour as soon as the tea’s pH level changes. The tea changes its colour from bright blue to purple when added a few drops of lemon. It can also turn pink when mixed with carbonated water.

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Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Nutrition Value

The butterfly pea tea is highly filled with nutrition and gives amazing health benefits and results when consumed regularly. The caffeine-free herbal brew is full of nutrients that aid a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The best part about the tea is its high nutrition content and delicious earthy and woody flavour. So whenever you crave something tasty yet healthy, sip a cup of OTF Butterfly Pea Flower Tea and release the stress! Here are some of the nutrients found in the blue pea flowers:

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● Anthocyanin

Anthocyanins compounds have shown antidiabetic, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anti-obesity effects over long term use. The antioxidant-rich compound prevents cardiovascular diseases and also promotes good hair and skin.

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● Ternatins

The ternatin compound present in blue pea tea can be useful to enhance cognitive functions and alleviate symptoms of inflammation, pain, and diabetes. This nutrient strengthens the perceiving and decision making abilities of a person.

● Kaempferol

There have been various researches on the following compound regarding its cancer-fighting properties. The kaempferol compound in butterfly pea tea may be a good companion to prevent the risk of chronic diseases.

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● p-Coumaric Acid

The p-Coumaric acid is a hydroxycinnamic acid that is highly used in cosmetics. The pigment is anti-inflammatory and protects the skin against harmful UV rays from the sun.

● Delphinidin-3,5-glucoside

This antioxidant compound increases the body’s immunity and helps the white blood cells fight off any diseases emerging in the body. Apart from asian pigeonwings flowers, the following compound is found in abundance in berries.

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● Vitamin A, C and E

The butterfly pea tea is a mixture of healthy vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that take care of the body’s overall health. The Vitamin A found in blue pea flowers supports bone health, reduces acne possibilities and protects eyesight. Vitamin C boosts immunity and prevents iron deficiency. Vitamin E promotes healthy skin and eyes and protects the body from illness and infections naturally.

The butterfly pea flowers are rich in more healthy compounds and nutrients, however, we have mentioned the ones that are found in abundance. Apart from the mentioned nutrients, blue tea is also rich in polyphenols, tannins, catechins and more!

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Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Benefits

The asian pigeonwings flowers have been mentioned in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine literature due to their healing properties. Unlike many viral Instagram drinks, blue tea actually possesses a lot of health benefits. The regular consumption of butterfly pea flowers is good for both physical and mental health. Let’s know about the major butterfly pea flower tea benefits in detail below:

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● Butterfly Pea Flower Tea for Glowing Skin

The blue pea flower tea is rich in proanthocyanidin, a natural compound that promotes collagen and elastin production naturally. Butterfly tea increases skin hydration, reduces skin redness, inflammation and slows the skin ageing process. The tea also prevents itching, allergies and skin irritation. It helps in skin dryness problems and provides moisture to the skin and activates that inner glow! Due to the given skin benefits, butterfly pea flowers have been used widely in face serums and body mists.

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● Butterfly Pea Tea for Healthy Hair

The blue shankhpushpi flowers are rich in keratin that promotes healthy, soft and shiny hair. Butterfly pea flower tea increases scalp blood flow and strengthens hair follicles. The blue pea flower is one of the best ingredients to promote hair growth and prevent premature greying naturally! Daily consumption of the tea may make your hair shinier, longer and softer.

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● Blue Tea as a Stress-Buster

The relaxing properties of the butterfly pea flower tea are helpful in refreshing the brain. It boosts memory and brain functioning. The bright blue colour uplifts mood and increases energy levels and stamina. The tea is also believed to assist well in anxiety and depression symptoms. Due to the butterfly pea tea’s mind relaxing properties, many companies have started keeping the tea for their employees as a healthier alternative to caffeinated drinks. The regular consumption of tea may result in increased productivity at work and in academia.

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Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Recipe

Now that you are aware of the butterfly pea tea benefits, we can see you searching for Instagram worthy butterfly pea flower tea recipes. Well, we at Organic Tasteful have got your back! The butterfly flower tea can be served both hot and cold. Here are some delicious yet easy blue tea recipes to help you fly away the Monday blues like a pro:

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● Refreshing Butterfly Pea Tea

This is the simplest and most common blue tea recipe in South East Asian kitchens. A three-ingredient butterfly pea flower tea recipe is all you need to be happy! So, quickly grab the ingredients mentioned below and start brewing the magic.


● Step-1: Boil water in a pot.
● Step-2: Once water is boiling add the OTF blue pea flowers.
● Step-3: Boil the blue pea tea for 4-5 minutes with a closed lid.
● Step-4: Strain in a cup and enjoy!

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● Magic Blue Pea Lemonade

The butterfly pea flower tea is called miracle tea for a reason and you will understand that after trying this recipe. This colour changing butterfly pea lemonade will be the highlight of your parties and celebrations!

● OTF Butterfly Pea Tea
● Water
● Sugar
● Lemon Juice

Preparation Time: 5-8 minutes
Butterfly Pea Lemonade recipe:
● Step-1: Boil water in a pot.
● Step-2: Add the OTF butterfly pea flowers and sugar.
● Step-3: Boil for 10 minutes with a closed lid.
● Step-4: Once butterfly pea petals are boiled, strain and set aside to cool.
● Step-5: Add half lemon juice and ice to a glass.
● Step-6: Pour in the cooled butterfly pea flower syrup.
● Step-7: Add the remaining lemon juice on top and watch the magic happen!

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Why choose OTF Butterfly Pea Tea?

The Organic Tasteful (OTF) butterfly pea tea is sourced from 100% organically and ethically grown blue pea flowers. These flowers are grown without any use of harsh chemicals and pesticides. The Asian pigeonwings are sourced from local farms to support small businesses and give our farmers growth opportunities and smiles. All the petals are picked, dried and packed after passing a strict quality check done by our health experts.

The OTF butterfly pea tea is free from any preservatives and artificial flavours. Our blue tea is a caffeine-free herbal brew that has tons of health benefits. The tea is packed with the refreshing goodness of nature to give you the care you deserve! Regular blue pea tea intake with a balanced diet can help you achieve your #fitnessgoals! This tea is a perfect solution for a healthy mind and body. All you need to do is be close to nature and let nature do the magic!

Written by,

Abhilasha Chauhan

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